Course curriculum

  • 1
    A Course in Miracles Intro
    • A Course in Miracles Intro
  • 2
    Introduction For Effective Understanding and Use of A Course in Miracles To Rewire Your Brain Initiate Epigenetic Healing
    • Your journey to epigenetically based miracle mindedness for peace and wellness begins
    • Awareness of Miracles
    • Accessing divine guidance by Re-wiring Your Brain With the Holy Spirit
    • Shifting Your Consciousness and Opening New Channels Within Your Brain
    • The power of intentions for creating epigenetic signals to empower your DNA's expression to accomplish miracle shifts within
    • Empowering Your Intentions to Realize The Life You Really Want
    • How the ego’s idols from the past maintain unhealthy neural networks in the brain that can harm you
    • Learning How To Extend Your Consciousness to The Spirit of the Whole
    • Self Examination for Developing Greater Levels of Miracle Mindedness
    • The Ultimate Goal, feeling At-Onement through Rewiring The Brain Using the Atonement Principle
    • Training Your Mind and Rewiring Your Brain To Oneness
    • Restructuring Your Brain and Mind Through Modeling
    • Empowering Your Power to Choose and Re-Wire Your Mind and Brain
    • Experiencing deep inner shifts of miracle integration
    • Integrating Inspiration and Insights Into the Texture of Your Consciousness
  • 3
    Developing Miracle Mindedness Using A Course in Miracles
    • Evaluating your relationships and how they influence the functioning of your DNA.
    • The biology of thinking and taking another step toward mastery
    • Choosing Guilt or Loves Presence, Whole Brained Guidance or Scatter Brained Chaos
    • The Epigenetic Influences of Feeling or Projecting Guilt
    • The Path for Returning to Love and Optimizing Your DNA's Expression To Be Healthy
    • Developing Higher Awareness to Prevent Emotional Hijacking
    • The Impact of Emotional States upon your brain, mind, DNA expression and your existence
    • Evaluation and Awareness of Emotions and Their Influences
    • Understanding your special purpose in life
    • Using Your Special Gifts and Enhancing Your Life-Force Energy
    • Accessing your true power for experiencing greater peace happiness and health
    • Becoming The Producer and Director of Your Life
    • Implementing the power of miracles for living creatively
    • Making The Shift To Rightmindedness and Building Peaceful Neural Networks in The Brain and Mind
    • Learning to stay in the flow of love to retrain your brain and allow your DNA to express itself with peace and wellness
    • Using The Tools and Techniques of A Course in Miracles to Develop Greater Peace, Re-wire Your Brain and Send Positive Epigenetic Signals to Your Genes
  • 4
    • Reversing upside down thinking to create empowering neural networks and gene expressions to live in peace
    • Turning Ego based Thinking into Right-Minded Feelings That Improve Your Wellness
    • Understanding the difference between form or content, the outside versus the inside parts of existence and consciousness
    • Reorienting You To Your Source and It's Unlimited Power
    • Recovering the Self-Realization of Being a Holistic System That Optimized Your Mental and Emotional Well Being
    • Recognizing the Tapestry of Consciousness
    • Achieving Personal Empowerment and Using the Power of Choice
    • Realigning Your Mind to Embrace It's Higher Self and Embody It's Gifts
    • Becoming Unstuck the Past Causing Chronic illnesses and Limitations to Restore Your Core Powers
    • Re-Wiring Your Brain, Re-training Your Mind and Re-Empowering Your Spirit
    • Understanding the ego and it's need to sabotage your peace and health in order to be right
    • Practicing The Mind Training Tools of A Course in Miracles to Re-Train Your Brain and Mind For Living in Peace
  • 5
    • The Epigenetics Cure: Re-educating Your Cells and DNA for Optimal Health (Sample)


What people say

by S.W

Clear into the point!

by S.W

This course has helped me with the very difficult process of understanding the complexities of A Course in Miracles and simplified it in a way that I now really can understand and utilize. It has now become for me a powerful tool of transformation.
J. N

Doing this course has cleared away many confusions

J. N

Doing this course has cleared away many confusions that I had after attending classes by many different teachers to learn exactly what and how A Course in Miracles could help me improve my life. Dr. Sheen’s clear and easy style of presenting information in ways that I could immediately use in my life, has really helped me make great improvements in my relationships with others, with myself and with God. Thank you Dr. Sheen!

It truly is a miracle!


My life has changed and I feel more peace in my relationships with my husband and children. It truly is a miracle ! After reading "Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson,I was really excited to learn A Course in Miracles and experience similar improvements in my life. But over and over again I would go to different groups to help me understand what I was reading and I became even more frustrated than before. Then a friend told me out Biran’s online course and feeling I had nothing to lose, I did it. OMG, did he bring it into the light for me and now I can understand and use this course to bring miracles into my life every day! THIS was a miracle!”

About Course

By Dr. Brian Sheen

For science minded students who are spiritually based and appreciate the parallels between quantum physics, modern science and spirituality, particularly A Course in Miracles, the knowledge shared will be eye opening,thought provoking and inspirational. In this course The Foundation For Developing Miracle Mindedness Through A Course in Miracles for Wellness, Peace and Happiness - Part I, I share many breakthroughs I discovered when I addressed the most common denominator to all human being in their quest for Self Realization and how using this course create epigenetic shifts that directly influence the expression of the DNA and RNA to improve health What you will learn provide a new perspective for healing yourself or helping others in their healing process. I share how these principles drive the healing and self improvement processes at all levels of existence, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in what I call The Science of Quantum Embodiment
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